Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas 2010

Hey Family!
Here are a few updates from the "505"...

Obviously, with the new addition to our family, we have been busy! Aria is 3 1/2 months now and is healthy as can be, praise God! You can see by her enormous cheeks that she continues to eat well :)

She is holding her head up and has learned to giggle, which makes mommy and daddy absolutely melt! She has a firm grasp and is working on holding on to objects, including mommy's hair. "Guh," "buh" and "duh" are now in her vocabulary. We know that somewhere within those gurgled consonants lies a deeply profound philosophical commentary on the human condition.

....and here she is explaining to Greg what Van Til meant by "antithesis" :)

"Papa" gave Aria her first moment in the TV spotlight over Thanksgiving. Here she is, live on the set of the New Mexico Style show....obviously in her most stylin' digs....and eying those margaritas.

As for the humble parents of this little star:

Greg is buckling down to finish his PHD in 2011 and he continues to work as the youth minister at our church. He is also in process of taking a position as an adjunct professor of Philosophy at Liberty University through their online program. He is an amazing Dad and brings many smiles and giggles out of his little girl.

Caitelen finished her MFA in Creative Writing back in August, just in time to begin her new adventure as a mom. Most of her time is joyfully spent teaching, playing with and caring for her daughter. She continues to stay busy in the her musical endeavors as well, serving at church and getting involved in some side projects here and there. She even brings Aria to most of her rehearsals and Aria remains attentive and interested in music so far. Caitelen will be going back to her part time position as the music teacher at Oak Grove in the Spring.

On a more humorous note, we got to appear in a local TV commercial, thanks to my Dad... watch our Oscar winning performances below ;)


Greg, Caitelen and Aria Jane

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Kathy said...

Great Commercial, Greg and Caitelen! You both should get Oscars!!!! Congratulations on Aria. What a beautiful family! Much love to you from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Larry and many blessings are wished for you all in 2011.