Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Autumn in Albuquerque

Updates from the Summer...

This summer was as full as usual! We kicked things off in June with Parent/Student camp in Mexico where we hear amazing teaching from our friend David Anderson and spent some time serving at the orphanage.

Reading with one of the girls at Casa Esperanza and Sneaking away for a walk on the beach!

Greg leading songs in Spanish

Then is was off to Buffalo, NY for a Schneeberger family reunion. Greg and his cousin Genny, who also lives here in ABQ with us, did the Ride for Roswell, miles! We also spent some time in the beautiful Thousand Islands at uncle Jerry's river-side cottage over the 4th of July.

Greg wakeboarding .....well....almost....

In July/August, I attended my first residency at Ashland University in Ohio to begin my MFA in Creative Writing while Greg continued to work on his PHD in Philosophy and Appologetics at home. Then we both headed off to Guatemala again. This was my second time going. What a joy it was to see familiar faces again and work on my Spanish a bit more! The translation of the New Testament into the language of Achi is almost completed! Keep praying for those working on it!

In our Guatemalan skirts....

Carol Barrera at her translation desk, reading Luke 24 in Achi

Autumn in Albuquerque
As the Fall season has set in, our "season" has shifted as well. Greg is working very hard at continuing his PHD work and working with parents and students at the church. He has implemented some new ideas for getting more in-depth with students. One way is through a monthly meeting at our house (called "Cypher") during which Greg leads the students through a series of video lectures or presentations, and a question/answer time dealing with various issues, for example, proving the existence of God, defending the faith...etc.

He is also preaching through a series on Biblical Ethics such as war and abortion...etc. These are hard issues, but it's so important to think about them and get kids thinking about them. Greg really feels the weight of that and the responsibility to present the Word to these kids and get them asking the hard questions and....if I may affirm him a bit...God has really blessed his teaching. He's doing an amazing job! He's also getting ready to teach in the main congregation in a few weeks so pray for him as he prepares!

Back in August, I started my new job teaching at Oak Grove Classical Academy. I teach music, first grade math and English, and help in the Kindergarten class as well. Needless to say, I have glue under my fingernails and kids voices ringing in my ears by the end of the day! It's great! This job has been a perfect fit for me. I never thought I would teach, but here I am and I absolutely love it!

I still teach a few piano and voice lessons on the side (, and occasionally work as the wedding facilitator for the church as well as continuing to work on my MFA and serve in ministry with Greg.

We are having such a blast in this second year of marriage! God is so good. We are both continuing to be humbled and growing together in faith, ever more thankful for God's saving grace in our lives and marriage.

Some Snapshots from the last few months....

Out to a fancy dinner....I got to wear my grandma's vintage cocktail dress
and Greg wore his new suit coat!

Hiking up the Sandia Mountains

At the Balloon Glow during the Fiesta

Dad showing Greg the lay of the land up at their property in Northern New Mexico

He loves me..... really...